A note from Tony Groom:
The Online Turnaround Guru

"Very few businesses can hope to avoid a “pain point” at some stage in their journey.  The two most common ones are when as a start-up you are looking for funding, and then at a growth point, you are, again, looking for funding. There are plenty of other challenges that can trip up a business.

But you shouldn’t give up.  It IS possible to restructure a business and turn it around so that it can survive and grow.

I’ve been privileged to work with dozens of companies in a wide variety of sectors in my 25-plus years as a Turnaround Adviser. Some were mere infants, others more mature. Some had been buffeted by changing markets, other, more mature businesses were unsure of their next steps.

And now Brexit, and other economic factors are having a serious impact on the number of insolvencies over the past two years. 

My successful firm, K2 Business Partners, with 5 offices across Britain, is designed to provide Turnaround advice to struggling businesses.

In making my guidance easily accessible and affordable to any business owner, I hope to provide some relief for businesses and entrepreneurs who wish to survive and thrive, despite the tough climate. 

Do please download the following free guide from my Knowledge Bank, Guide to Business Leadership.

All my best,

Tony Groom"

About Tony

Tony has been a Business Doctor and Turnaround Practitioner for twenty years, advising on and implementing the financial and strategic restructuring of SME businesses to improve cash flow, organise the business for profits and lay foundations for growth. 

Tony’s expertise is in helping directors and shareholders resolve their company’s immediate financial problems while at the same time developing a strategy for future growth; he sees the big picture but also deals with the minutiae. He also has considerable experience of saving business that other advisers think are too far gone such as those with winding up petitions or where the bank has called in a loan. 

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